Material: plastic, cotton, brass



Material: plastic, cotton, copper, gold,colour


top 12 artists

Fridrich Becker , Anton Cepka, Georg Jensen, Rene Lalique, Emmy van Lersum, Nanna Melland, Rudt Peters, Elisabeth Treskow, Charlotte van der Wals,  David Watkins,  Annamaria Zanella, Christoph Zellweger

Emmy van Lersum
David Watkins

Christoph Zellweger

Anton Cepka
Annamaria Zanella

Charlotte van der Wals

Rudt Peters


Material: material: plaster, Ag

The conceptual framework is based on the survey on general liking conducted through social network. What can be considered likable? What is pretty? For this survey of public opinion I´ve chosen one hundred reproductions of art works, created by hundred 20th century authors of art jewelry, which were published on the internet.

One jewel per month.

A sort of „value scale“ has been created thanks to users via fucking „like button“ on Facebook. I decided to work with 12 top rated pieces.

100 Artist:

Alexander Calder  Anna Heindl  Annamaria Zanella  Annelies Planteydt  Anni Albers  Anton Cepka  Beppe Kessler  Berend Bodenkamp  Bernhard Schobinger  Betina Speckner  Bety K. Majerníková  Bjorn Weckstrom  Bruno Martinazzi  Caroline Broadhead  Claus Bury  Coco Chanel  Daniel Weinberger  David Watkins  Edmond-Henri Becker  Elisabeth Treskow  Emmy van Lersum  Eva Eisler  Felix Lindner  Florian Ladstatter  Francesco Pavan  Frank Tjepkema  Franz Boeres  Fridrich Becker  Fritz Maierhofer  Georg Dobler  Georg Jensen  Gerard Sandos  Gerd Rothmann  Gerda Flockinger  Giampaolo Babetto  Gijs Bakker  Henry van de Velde  Herman Hermsen  Herman Junger  Hil Andringa  Charles Robert Ashbee  Charlote van der Waals  Christoph Zellweger  Iris Bodemer  Iris Eichenberg  Jack Cunningham  Jean Despres  Jean Fouguet  Jens Rudiger Lorenzen  Jivan Astfalck   Josef Hoffmann  Julia Manheim  Karen Pontoppidan  Karl Fritsch  Karol Weisslechner  Katja Prins  Kim Buck  Kimmo Heikkilä  Laura Poter  Louis Aucoc  Louis Cartier  Manfred Bischoff  Manuel Vilhena  Marc Monzo Marcel Wanders  Maria van Kesteren  Marion Herbst  Nanna Melland  Norman Weber  Onno Boekhoudt  Otto Künzli  Patrick Muff  Patriz Huber  Paul Derrez  Pavel Opočenský  Peter Bauhuis Peter Chang  Peter Skubic  Petra Zimmermann  Philip Sajet  Ramon Puig  Reinhold Reiling  Rene Lalique  Rian de Jong  Rudolf Bott  Ruudt Peters  Sally Marsland  Sepp Schmolzer  Sigurd Bronger Sigurt Person  Sissi Westerberg  Suzanne Esser  Suzanne Klemm  Ted Noten  Theo Smeets  Thomas Gentille  Vratislav Novak  Wim van Doorschot  Wolfgang Lieglein  Yasuki Hiramatsu


 The form of objects – jewels is generated by means of transformation from available jpeg – photographs, which are recording  authors´ work. In fact, it constitutes a process, when a real jewel is being recorded to the digital surface format and consequently published in virtual galleries. Thereafter I processed this bit information and  trace it with special software. This has created a 3D object,  that can be materialized again into world of atoms by means of rapidprototiping technology. My aim is to draw attention on the classical masters´ hand work as well as on the contemporary 21th century technologies and its possibilities to materialize digital world, which is used as a filer of reality, without being touched by hand.


Material: digital print glazed porcelain, silver, aluminium, badges, plated gold


Subcultures present their opinion through image. My thesis is: ”let's get rid
of lords and traitors of these people” , these are the words of a builders' song.

My aim was to create a series of wearable objects, which should demonstrate the fact that communism is a past. I wanted to link the context to tyrants, rulers of past time in Czechoslovakia, though under the supervision of a Russian Big Brother with a subtext of contemporary symbology.

Mission is to irritate those who wish to return to the age of communism, to time when different culture, freedom to spread word/thoughts, freedom of movement were unlawful..., it can be generally understood as a prevention of development of intellectual individualism.

I want to point at a fact that it is highly probable that up to today there are former members and collaborators with State Security in the parliament.

Some politicians should realize, that IT IS time to go.


Year of creation : 2007
Material: Pieces of Artists, Casted Plastic, CAM/CAD


Artist´s statement:

My aim was to create a series of brooches /objects/, materialised folders with integrated physical memories which consist from my objects, from the objects donated by my friends (from the artistic environment) and from myths. : My Documents, Users, Just Icons
Integrated objects can not be normally seen; only by X-radiation. Normally you can only sense its surface and not its content. Just like I can see it on my desktop.


material: 925 Silver



Thesis : Culture is our nature and we´re only magpies, hunters and collectors travelling around the world of communicational engineering. hakyn bey

Year of creation : 2006
Material: silver925,mirror,glass, composit(fiberglass),electronic elements,
Technik: CAM/CAD, platengold, platenaluminium, Pc prints, paintig, brush,...

With this set of jewels I´ve tried to present my opinion on contemporary consumer society which is using the internet as a global educational instrument. My intention was to create a series of aprx. 15 pieces, divided into a structure of three sets: cyberspace, internet, cheat. Forasmuch as I´m a fan of the cyberpunk literature which is only one part of the cyberculture I wouldn´t like to criticize cyberculture, as whole, but only the rubbish that it contains. I would also like to underline the necessity of connection to the network, so you can start to build your addiction – acquire general information. Jewels can be connected (through USB port) to the computer, whereby we get a symbolic interconnection between a man and a computer – computer and a man. In an ordinary state – disconnected jewel should be functionless, in terms of informational accessibility. Just like the functionless computer that is disconnected from the electric current – it´s just an object, function of which is hardly predictable but you stil can see its design and feel the material that it´s made of. By connecting to the computer through an USB port, brooches use the electric current in order to indicate a luminous moment. „After connecting to the network we have the possibility to share our own I and transform it into a completely new identities.” Graphic execution of this art work lightly shows the irony of internet globalisation. Dictate of multinational corporations, offering the digital product which doesn´t always work as it should. Plenty of desperate individuals looking for love on the net, by means of vigorous dialogs.

HYPERMARKET – colour cube

Thesis :
Finally a dream of our fathers and mothers has becometrue, so theycan buy a cola, in supermarket, that they dreamed about since they were young.

Year of creation : 2005
Material: composit-fiberglass, silver 926, steel, CAD/CAM

Text : I´ve created a series of brooches (thirty pieces), which role is to ironize and ridiculeall irrational purchases of cheap and poor quality products. Shiny and tasteless coloured packages,hiding cheaply made products in the countries of third world, are trying to attract attentionof customers, but even thought the most preferred products are those with signs like „action“ very often inserted in so well known star with even bigger red price mark and approaching expiry date.By means of such offers comes to shortness of cheap products and demand is so high,that we offen can see lines very simular to those, that we were used to during the communism. Hypermarkets became modern curches, where people meet during the weekends and spend their free time.Mainly parents could relieve their kinds from this advertising machinery of marketing giants,which behaves almost dictatory.

Chains for comicbook heroes

Year of creation : 2002
Material : nickel-plated brass and rustless steel
Technology : laser cutting, assembling

After I fell in love with the story of manga comicbook Akira, I decided to create some jewellery for the protagonists. Forasmuch as this is an action story about a motorcycle gang and about his members of a different nature; on one hand I decided to design every single chain individually, but on the other hand all chains together create one series.