B side

How did the story begin?
We were in Amsterdam last year, with a jewellery projectcalled The SlowaaksJuweleenteam, as a part of the SieraadJewellery International Art Fair. As we entered thisRecycling Bike Store we were immediately touched by its atmosphere and details of the space. Shelves, recycled components, oil smell…We realized it could be the perfect place for our exhibition during the B-side Down Town Art JewelleryFestival 2012,which is an interesting platform for young jewellery makers to show their work in unusual non-gallery spacesaround the city.

THIS space and THIS spot.

Now we are here, we have anopportunity to exhibit, but unfortunately there is no B-side Festival this year!!!!!
In the new created situation we decided to be the only one alternative project called Bike Side.We want to introduce you to what we find interesting at this place as jewellery makers and thinkers.

Bike Side Project is our interpretation of the existing bike supplies installation created by Vitor, the owner of the Recycling Bike Store. The installation was too strong and intensive to be changed for us. Instead of disassembling it, we decided to emphasize objects and the composition. And more importantly, we created a new communication channel between the ¨art piece¨, audience and us. 

With the financial support of The Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic

Presentation of Slovak artistic jewelry makers at the international exhibition „Sieraad 2011, 3-6 November in the Gasholder in Amsterdam“.



Artist statement:

The presence, we are experiencing, forces us to use the world faster. This mechanism is built on trade, commodities and products - mass manufacturing. The mechanism by which the workforce is a machine.

Mass production of the interpretation of contemporary society. Quickly, more, cheaply and efficiently. Money as a socially accepted value of things. Constant acceleration of the world. A little more! The artist as an individual seeks settled in this mechanism. He is in a position when he only softens the impact of external pressures, resulting in lots of compromises.


Matej Bezuch, Maria Nepsinska, Pavol Prekop,  Kristyna Spanihelova, Katarina Siposova, Radka Kovacikova, Slavka Ondrusova.

Since this is a site specific project, the ambition of the project is to travel and collect different environments and communicate in specific contexts.

Installation description:

One belt, eight workers

Installation represents a manufacturing belt as we know from production factories. For this production, there is a systematic addition of individual acts, step by step, followed by a final product. This band is operated by working people or machines. The belt has a constant speed and circulates in front of workers, each of them performing a specific action. At the end of the chain comes a final product.   “This band is mainly driven by electricity.”

Running belt mechanism for jewelry making:

Future owner of jewelry buy and then places if he wants a matrix to the top conveyor belt and starts working. Authors like „factory workers“ sit side by side and work systematically. Mechanical additions of individual actions shape the look of jewelry.  The same matrices at the beginning are constantly changing into the final product, depending on the grouping of artists, customers and environment. Individual approach to work ensures at the end of the process the uniqueness of each jewel. 


Pavol Prekop, Matej Bezuch

Presentation of Slovak artistic jewelry makers at the international Exhibition Dormitory_Bauleitung_Laborotorio Schmuck im Schlafrock aus 6 Ländern. Studio Stach, Welserstr
Schmuck 2010 HWK Munchen

Schmuck - Die Slowakische Schmuck Manschaft from matej bezuch on Vimeo.